Top Selling Tips for Home Sellers in Tucson

The standard checklist for what buyers expect of a listing on the real estate market is constantly evolving, and in many ways, technological advances have influenced these changes. As a result, selling your home in Tucson (or anywhere for that matter) has changed forever. Therefore, it’s important for a home seller to understand what buyers are looking for in the current market when scrolling through listings online.

Whether you choose to sell your home by yourself, typically referred to as an FSBO (For Sale By Owner), or work with a local Tucson real estate agent, you’ll need to pay attention to these selling tips for homeowners in Tucson.

Buyers Expect Upgrades, and Will Ask For Repairs

Our first selling tip for homeowners in Tucson is to refresh the appearance of your home. We all watch HGTV, right? Home buyers are expecting to see home like the ones they dream about while watching TV. You will want to start with some paint take care of any minor fixes, such as squeaky doors. Often, these little things matter more than you might think as buyers walk through the house that you want to sell during showings.

Significant repairs are an entirely different matter and can become more than just a stumbling block to selling your house in Tucson. You may also find that the cost (even on a major repair) will be less for you if you handle it before selling your home. A home buyer, without any experience in what the actual cost of repairs are, will generally overestimate the expense by thousands of dollars. This will translate into a much lower offer to you as the home seller.

There are also the very real liability risks when it comes to disclosure. It could be costly (not to mention just wrong) if you, as a homeowner attempts to hide any known problems. If you don’t want to do any significant repair work, or if you can’t afford to, AZ Problem Solvers, LLC will take all of the possible risks off the table and buy your home in Tucson as-is for cash.

Marketing Your Tucson Property

Available technology is a big help in this next tip for homeowners in Tucson. First, it’s imperative that you hire professionals for high-quality digital photography. It’s also a plus if you can get a local professional to do 360-degree virtual drone tours, which require professional pilots.

Second, as an additional boost to your marketing, you should consider staging your house. Since so many of today’s home buyers are shopping for a home online, staging has become more important to selling your home in Tucson than ever before. It increases home sales because home buyers can more easily see themselves living in the home. When touring the home during a showing, whether in person or virtual, they can more easily visualize how they would use different spaces within the home.

Remember, you can skip all the showings and associated hassles, the expense of marketing, and Realtor commissions by selling directly to AZ Problem Solvers, LLC for a price you’ll agree is fair.

Get the Pricing Right

Our next selling tip for homeowners in Tucson is ‘to nail your asking price’. You (and your real estate agent if you have one) will run the comps. Compare the homes that are the most like, and nearest to, the house you want to sell. Find the ones that sold recently, adding or subtracting the values of any differences in the features.

If you price too high trying to ‘test the market’, you may miss the market. The first week or two is when you will have the most excitement on your side. Also, in many cases, your first offer(s) are the best you will get.

Today’s home buyers know when you are too high. They have been looking at homes for sale in Tucson for months before they even started looking seriously. Home buyers will pass on your listing if it’s too high. Pricing too low can be a mistake too. Many buyers will assume a problem exists. Either way, property that lingers on the market sells for less. As a professional investor from AZ Problem Solvers, LLC I will let you know what your current market value is and what you’d earn by listing with an agent, FSBO, or selling directly to me at AZ Problem Solvers, LLC.

AZ Problem Solvers, LLC

The options available to homeowners ready to sell have evolved, leading us to our final selling tip for homeowners in Tucson, begin your home selling process by starting with the experts at AZ Problem Solvers, LLC.  If the idea of showings makes you uncomfortable, you’re not alone! Maybe you just don’t want to deal with the headaches of the selling process and interruptions in your daily life. Are you selling due to financial troubles or a time crunch forcing a quick move? At AZ Problem Solvers, LLC, our guaranteed closing date can be in as few as seven days. And if you need a little more time, we can hold off the closing until the date that best suits your plans. 

AZ Problem Solvers, LLC wants to help you decide which sales method is the best option for your circumstances. We want you to feel good about the sale long after the closing, so AZ Problem Solvers, LLC is transparent about our offer, and you won’t have to worry about commissions or hidden fees coming off of the top at closing, either. To learn more, send us a message or call AZ Problem Solvers, LLC at (520) 312-0417.

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